5G ORAN Multiplexer M6424-R Located between vCU/DU and RU to be used for sites that require a large amount of RU installation.


  • 4G, 5G & Ethernet Up To 100Gbps

- ROE IEEE 1914.3 switching

  • TSN 802.1CM High Precision Timing

- Timing & Sync for remotes

- 802.3br & 802.1Qbu Preemption 

  • 800G Total System Switching Capacity
  • O-RAN Fronthaul Gateway
  • O-RAN Compliant Low-PHY 

- CPRI rate reduction

- CPRI interop w/ O-DU

M6424-R is a member of the cost-effective and highly scalable Private 5G

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